health benefits

Nobody ever said cut back on your vegetable eating did they ?

Much has been written about the health¬†benefits of fermented foods of late. As a result it is often overlooked just how delicious these foods are. They make a great healthy addition to anyone’s diet.

I believe that veg are the only food group that NEVER get bad press. So eat as much as you like. And when you have just run out of some fresh veg for dinner simply turn to these fermented vegetables that are in your fridge and waiting for you.

Here at totally cultured we believe that each of us should make up their own mind regarding the health claims. It is always good idea to add these foods to your diet but do so with an open mind if you looking to help symptoms. We both eat these foods daily because we love them and as a result have felt a general improvement  in ourselves.

Only you can judge how it works for you though.





Do not expect overnight miracles and give it time. It takes time to improve your gut health. It is always best to eat small amounts of these foods daily rather than eating a large amount once a week. Be wary of overblown claims from anyone. But in my opinion they work.

We have been producing, consuming and selling directly to our customers, family and friends for several years and now have many regular customers that will definitely say they notice a positive effect.

The most common ailments that these foods are bought to improve are Diverticulitis, Eczema, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) Acid Reflux and Irritable Bowel Syndrome. These are very common problems. I can only say these are the most often conditions mentioned to us but by no means the only ones.

We do a lot of direct customer sales thus spend many hours talking to real people. We are not just an internet seller, we interact with our customers face to face in shops and artisan food markets daily.