We adore foods that are as tasty as they are nutritious. At totally cultured we achieve this by going back to traditional recipes and then bringing them bang up to date for the modern world.

All of the sauerkrauts we make here at totally cultured are traditionally ‘dry’ fermented, which is also referred to as wild fermentation. This means that we do not add water or starters to initiate the fermentation, we rely on the natural yeasts and bacteria that exist on the cabbages and in the air. They do all the hard work for us – what we do is provide the right environment for these good bacteria to thrive.

Sauerkrauts will keep best in the container in the fridge where they can last for several months if you leave them that long. Don’t forget this was our original way of keeping vegetables through the long European winters before we had canning or refrigeration.

As your sauerkraut is ‘alive’ do not worry if you find bubbles in it or at times a fizz or even a bowed lid. These are perfectly normal and in no way a sign of the product having gone off. Those lovely bacteria need to breathe remember.

If you mix the sauerkrauts in with other salad items and then add a healthy glug of olive oil or mayonnaise if you prefer, you have just made it even better. This will not impair the sauerkrauts at all.

To keep the probiotic value of your kraut keep it cool and don’t cook it. Heating it up will kill off all of those beneficial bacteria. If you wish to make traditional dishes that cook with sauerkrauts then by all means do so. There are dishes such as Choucroute from Alsace or numerous German recipes that cook with sauerkrauts and are in their own right delicious BUT be aware you will kill the probiotic benefits. Consider that you may wish to cook with some and eat some raw. Why not experiment?